Make the Art of Eluding your Newest Skill in the Outdoors for 2014. Get Elusion Camo™ and Become the Woods.
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Dear Friend Stan Utter and his magnificent 9 Pointer Taken in New Jersey. Stan is a great friend and one of the best hunting partners Lee of Elusion Camo has ever known. Just being near him and reliving the old days of times passed bring Lee back to the days of hunting with his departed Grandfather. Thanks for being such a great friend Stan! Stan and his lovely wife Janice hail from Branchville NJ and have supported Lee on his journey from day 1. For this Lee dedicates the relaunch to Stan and his kindness.

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Descendants Outdoors

Welcome to the official television show brought to you by Elusion Camo LLC. Descendants Outdoors is based upon the "Roots Run Deep" Family heritage that has been bred into the life force of each of the Descendants that host Descendants Outdoors. Our Guests and episodes will follow the Team and Crew as they bring the Heritage and Traditions home to you and your family. The show's Founder SGT. Fred Butler U.S. Army - Vice President Elusion Camo LLC and his Partners SSG Bruce Kowalski and Lee D Dufresne CEO Elusion Camo LLC and Nathan Beard Owner of Lovekamp and Beard Farms will deliver the goods whether it be Bowhunting from the Heartland or the vast mountains in our great nation and put you right into the heart pounding action as they will bring the Closest action ever seen on Video utilizing the amazing power Unleashed by Elusion Camo!! These Roots Run Deep and Strong!!

Elusion Camoladies

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Elusion Camo reveals secret Scent Eraser

The scouting and the hunting is all over for the ever elusive state land giant in Massachusetts known as "Fat Azz". The 311 pound live weight monster 8 pointer was taken saturday October 26th at 4:17 pm on the Northern edges of Mt. Greylock in the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts. He would walk right in at less than 5 yards for a clean heart shot placed by Lee D. Dufresne, CEO and Creator of Elusion Camo and the now finally revealed Elusion " Decodor " Scent Eraser Solution.

NEW Product Launch

Stay Tuned for New Manufacturing launches over the coming weeks/months. We have licensed new companies in our technology, some will be rebranding (Cover Up Camo™ - Lethal Imprints Camo™ - Nvisiline Camo Systems™ and more). You will see new products from newly licensed mfg. Companies offering unique new gear and outerwear in Elusion Technology. Deertrack Designs, Joshua Frost is our new Vinyl mfg distributor. He will have trim kits for your ride, custom die cut logos in Elusion Patterns and more!!! Hang on its going to be a great ride into 2014!!!

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We have some of the best staff in the industry working to bring you the most realistic camo patterns available.
With the combined Decoder Scent Eraser solution you will be successful even under the toughtest conditions.


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Elusion Camo is made from the highest quality products, our patterns are guaranteed to Never Fade, Wash Out or Stain!
(Blood & Mud wash right out!)

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